In today’s communication world standing out is the key to be on top. At OPAC we live by this mantra, and work from the scratch with businesses and individuals to create the visual assets needed for Your brand to succeed. From logo design, marketing material and brand guidelines through to product design, packaging and eCommerce, we cover it all.

Having a thoughtful strategy behind a brand is essential to keep it alive. You don’t want it just to be the ‘next big thing’, you want it to be ‘the thing’. So a well defined communication strategy should capture the essence and personality of the brand to keep it successfully running.

Representing the brand with the right looks makes all the difference. Presentation must ensure that Your brand passes the intended message. At OPAC we provide a range of printing solutions, from business cards to product packaging to keep your brand’s image at its best.

We look after your brand to leave a good impression and iqually important to advertise it. Creative merchandise products are a perfect way to achieve those goals. Personalized stationery, t-shirts, and much more will put Your brand visible everywhere.


Having a digital print is a must have for all businesses. A website is the channel per excellence to show your brand to a wider target. We design and develop unique websites to communicate your brand.

Putting up an effective social media strategy is more than posting, and can be a real challenge. Our team works closely with our clients by planning an overall digital strategy to achieve their social media goals. Focusing in brand awareness, engagement, traffic or sign-ups, your goals must be aligned with your overall business goals, and a well designed strategy will help you heading in the right direction.

Online businesses are growing up at a fast rate and this trend will continue, with increasingly more consumers choosing to buy products and services easily at the distance of a click, without time and distance barriers. As such, from large to small clients, we develop eCommerce platforms that ensures a seamless experience for the visitor from the first click through to their transaction. An online experience that puts the consumer at the center is the key for any eCommerce site achieve high rate sales.

Email Marketing is one of the best channels to communicate with your clients or potencial ones. Aligned with your overall marketing plan, through email marketing you may deliver the right message, to the right person at the right time, causing a instant bussiness impact.  We design email marketing campaigns, wheter in a  promotional,commercial or just a personal approach to keep your brand engaged with your clients.


Video content is quickly becoming the preferred method of engagement for users, and are an excellent solution for companies seeking to seize a competitive edge.
We offer a range of post-production services for web and television, from editing visual and audio material, colour correction, visual effects to address any creative needs and edgy animations to ensure quality and creative videos.
Presenting Your message through an animation will create a lasting impression on clients and customers. From branding for your business to commercials, or a corporate video presentation that will put you a step forward. Be it a character animation, a logo animation or a film animation, our team develops 2D and 3D animations with no limitations to your imagination.
Motion design is a powerful technique to enhance a story by simplifying complicated ideas or making underwhelming visuals more engaging. To bring content to life making it visually exciting while passing the intended message, creates a solid connection between the brand, the message and the audience. At OPAC our staff is dedicated to coming up with motion concepts and graphics that capture attention and inspiration.
Whether you’re streaming to social or producing an event streamed around the world we got you cover. Make sure your moments are captured and shared in the way you want. We have the equipment and the expertise to stream your content to your website, apps, and social channels in optimal quality reaching your audience no matter where they watch.

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