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It sounds cliché, but the fact is that when you want something and you have the guts to do it, you just have to pull up your sleaves and go ahead. This was exactly what I did. At solo for the first few months of business, I put all my training skills as a media artist into action, and one project at the time, from graphic to digital through motion design, I’ve created a solid and recognized customer portfolio, that allowed me to bring a few extra par of artistic hands to the scene. We are now a small team of designers able to cover various design projects and with a constant desire of doing more and allways better. Being a small sized studio allows us to work one on one with each of our clients, giving them all of our time and attention to present the proposed results. We treat your project and business as if it’s our own, because yes, we can make you grow!, but we can’t grow without you.

All of us have in the shoulders some years of ‘big agencies’ professional experience, and we have learned from there that competition in the communication world is fierced, and that building purely aesthetic solutions is not enough. Design is not just about something pretty, it is problem solving, and this is what we strive to accomplish in every project in which dive in to. A great deal of research and discovery goes into aligning our concepts with your project’s goals, as well as your customer’s goals.

We strive to SEE THROUGH providing cohesive and consistent solutions to our clients growth and success.

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Final tip before you continue! Why you want us with you? We give our blood, brain and love to your project and take your money for awsome work!

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